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At Peloton Partners, we help a range of financial services companies to achieve a right and fair fee for their clients and a right and fair return for their business – this is when all stakeholders win.

You are managing a raft of issues and opportunities, so we do the heavy lifting. We implement your pricing framework, enabling you to better present and substantiate your value in a way that is clear and compelling.

Along with specialised coaching around fee discussions, the framework provides confidence in advisers, provides transparency to your clients and is proven to materially increase the profitability of the business.

We Deliver Results

We have partnered with our clients to deliver the following results:

0 %
Average of 24% increase in ongoing revenue (without additional expense)
$ 0
$130,000 plus in per adviser ongoing revenue uplifts
$ 0 M
$12mil plus in net ongoing revenue uplifts
$ 0 M
70mil of increased business valuation
0 %
Average of 60% Return on Investment (ROI)
0 +
200+ advisers confidently expressing their value

Our Approach

Peloton Partners, founded 11 years ago, is unique.  We are the only business in Australia that specialises solely in implementing pricing frameworks for financial advisors. Our approach is distinct from traditional pricing models, which typically involve a percentage-based fee, a flat fee, or a hybrid of the two.  We focus on four key elements:

Structured Framework

Built on algorithms that predict outcomes, ensuring a targeted firm profit goal that is subsequently delivered.

Individualized Client Pricing

Based on the complexity of their financial situation, the services provided, the cost to serve and the value to the client.

Advisor Conviction

In articulating and presenting the pricing framework to clients professionally and transparently at the same time as demonstrating the value delivered.

Long-Term Sustainability

By efficiently conducting regular reviews to adjust fees based on client needs and circumstances.

The process of implementing this framework involves gathering financial data, normalizing it, benchmarking it against industry standards, and creating a calculator that aligns pricing with profitability. Advisors are then trained to understand and explain the pricing model to clients, leading to transparent and successful fee adjustments.

Typically, we project manage the transition of your end clients onto the new framework over 12months in conjunction with the review cycle. The overall aim is to help businesses increase their profitability and create a more sustainable financial advisory practice with all clients paying a fair fee.

We execute two specialist programs, iFOCUS and iDELIVER.  These programs achieve a right and fair fee for the end client whilst maintaining a right and fair return for the business – this is when all stakeholders win.


A forensic review to uncover the latent value in your company.


A rigorous plan of action, for tangible success.

Effecting real and lasting change for our clients.

“Nobody really does what they do. They helped add significant revenue to the bottom line.”

    Ray Miles
    Ray Miles

    Fortnum Financial Group

    “They are not project managers; they are business coaches and long-term partners in the business. We feel that the relationship was meant to be. It’s an incredible partnership.”

      Jacqueline Sherlock
      Jacqueline Sherlock

      Sherlock Wealth

      We had 18 staff and started a business plan review. We implemented iFOCUS and iDELIVER with incredible results and renewed engagement with our clients. Six months into the program, we were developing a growth plan and had renewed energy across the business.”

        Larry Fingelson
        Larry Fingelson

        Priority Advisory Group

        “FM Financial has four offices across Melbourne and Tasmania. We needed a strategy across the business irrespective of the location and we needed to improve our financial performance and service delivery to clients to ensure we are set up for the future – we accepted the iFOCUS recommendations and are now implementing iDELIVER. We now have a confident and focused team who understand the value they deliver to clients and most importantly, clients that value this advice”. Most people try to sell to you and tell you what to do. Peloton Partners sees the problem and ‘this is how we can help you’. We bought the help – and are big advocates.”

          Denis Harrington
          Denis Harrington

          FM Financial Group

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