Peloton Partners

Goals & Strategy Review

Establish and manage the overall strategic direction of the client group, ensure advice is integrated and consistent with overall client needs and goals.


Progress Meetings

Conduct formal review meeting(s) with clients on a scheduled annual, 6 monthly, quarterly ongoing basis, via phone and/or face to face. Conduct ad hoc meetings, incidental or unplanned, in addition to the formal review meeting(s).


Administration / Implementation

Maintain an up to date compliant internal client database file, incl. document storage and communication records. Review meeting preparation, periodic reporting, advice documentation. Advice implementation, ad hoc transactions or requests.


Projections & Modelling

Modelling long-term outcomes, developing strategies through future simulations or analysis, setting goals, measuring results and managing cash flow through budgets and/or projections.


Superannuation / Pension Advice

Managing Superannuation benefits beyond just the investment strategy, including establishment, roll-overs, transition to retirement strategies, pension payments, contribution strategies, binding nominations etc..


Asset Allocation

Understanding both your client’s (i) capacity to take risk and (ii) tolerance of risk – and from this establishing and maintaining the appropriate asset allocation, with tactical/circumstantial adjustments as necessary.


Portfolio Management

Day-to-day management and monitoring of a clients investment portfolio, including fund and other asset selection, assistance with withdrawals, deposits, applications, redemptions with consideration of tax impacts, client needs and long-term goals.


Investment Governance

Application of Investment Governance expertise, fulfilment of fiduciary duties, completion of investment and operational due diligence. Monitoring of investment risks and expected returns via Investment Committee etc.


Investment Research

Applying in-house expertise in researching particular asset classes, funds, securities or opportunities and with the benefits of this research either directly or indirectly enhancing your clients results or service experience.


Direct Shares

Provide strategic advice and/or specific recommendations on direct shares, including ongoing management, reporting and research.


External Assets

Provide advice, management, research and/or administration on non-standard portfolio assets.


Group Structure

Establishing and maintaining entities such as Trusts, Companies, Partnerships, SMSF accounts with the aim of improving one or more of the following: Asset Protection, Legal outcomes, Liquidity/Accessibility, Tax Efficiency, Beneficial Ownership.


Estate Planning

Preparations to ensure the adequate management an individual’s asset base in the event of their incapacitation or death. Including liaising/outsourcing to legal professionals. Wills, bequests, nominations, asset protection, legal compliance, tax impacts.


Personal Insurance Needs

Insurance services relate to the management of risks via insurance policies. In the wealth management industry this typically includes advice on Life Insurance, TPD Insurance, Income Protection Insurance policies.


Debt Management

Banking and Debt Strategy Management includes the establishment of loans, minimisation of interest payments, debt repayment modelling and strategies, management of debt levels and solvency risk management.


Tax Planning

Periodically considering and reviewing the impact of superannuation, group structure, debt and investments on the overall tax incurred, with the aim to legally minimise short-term and/or long-term tax incurred.


Personal CFO: Co-ordination of Client affairs

A “Personal CFO” acting as the central co-ordinator; who liaises directly with Accountants, Lawyers, Insurers, Bankers, Bookkeepers, Personal Assistants, Real Estate Agents etc. co-ordinating outcomes on behalf of the client.



Assisting clients with obtaining, administering or legally maximising any form of Government payments including Government Pensions, Health Care Cards and other Welfare payments, as well as the management of Government Funded Higher Education debts.


Aged Care

Assist clients or the client’s family members with immediate Aged Care needs OR with planning for future Aged Care needs. This may include accommodation options, funding options, timing, the impact on Government benefit entitlements or the Estate Plan.


Special Projects / Other Services

Intergenerational Advice, Family Advice & Support, Philanthropy & Charitable Interests, Business Advice, Executive Share Schemes, Advice relating to Overseas Taxation Jurisdictions.


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